11 August - 15 August

"From Pole to Pole"
at CITTI-PARK Lübeck

Greenpeace was exploring the North and South Pole with the ships „Esperanza“ and „Arctic Sunrise“ since April 2019. Their aim was to draw attention to the crisis of the oceans. The spectacular shots, taken by the explorers during their trip, are presented from the 11.8. - 15.8. during the exhibition "From Pole to Pole" at CITTI-PARK Lübeck.

Divers and scientists explored with underwater drones, the plastic-littered Sargasso Sea at Florida, the deep-sea mountain Vema next to South Africa and the wild-west fishing grounds at Argentina. 

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The world's oceans are out of balance: overfishing, littering and raw material mining threaten the biodiversity and the function of the oceans as an important CO2 storage. Only real protected areas - without any human access - can save the seas. The global community currently has a unique opportunity to protect the oceans. The United Nations are negotiating a global treaty for the protection and sustainable use of oceans.

>>> Flyer (PDF) 

The visit of the exhibition is for free.