2,800 free parking spaces

You will always find a parking space here! Our pioneering parking guidance system in the multi-storey car park will guide you quickly and effectively to the nearest free parking space.

Multi-storey car park opening hours:
Mo. - Sa.: 7.00 - 20.30 o’clock

Opening hours
Mo. - Sa.: 
07:00 - 20:30 o’clock
Th. : 
07:00 - 22:30 o’clock


Dear mothers, attention!

From now on we have a STILLKISTE for you at CITTI-PARK Lübeck, where you can breastfeed your child in a calm atmosphere.

We got many messages regarding a place like this - therefore we created the STILLKISTE.

You can find it at the opposite of the "Kinder Hort" on the first floor. 


You can fill up your vehicle here day and night and on Sundays and bank holidays without using cash. You can pay at our automated machine with your EC card or CITTI CARD with payment function.

You can also buy and exchange gas bottles here.

You can find more information here.

CITTI Ticketcenter

We have tickets for all top local, regional and national events. Whether it’s a musical, concert, theatre or show as well as bus and train tickets.

The Ticket Centre can be found at the entrance to CITTI Markt.

You can find more information here.

CITTI Car-Wash

Come and put our water to the test! We offer expertise and quality! Whether it’s spring, summer, autumn or winter – we always have the right care programme for your car.

You can find more information here.

Always the right gift idea

With our gift cards you can always make someone happy. The perfect last minute gift, which leaves nothing to be desired!

You can obtain vouchers in the value of EUR 5, EUR 10 and EUR 25 at CITTI-Tabakshop (ground floor), or from the automated machine on the upper floor.

Post office in Presse- & Tabakshop Höhne

You can easily send parcels and letters or take care of Postbank affairs in the post office. You will find the Deutsche Post  and Norbrief postboxes in front of the entrance to CITTI-PARK.

You can find more information here.

Baby changing facilities

Baby changing facilities are available next to the customer toilets for our youngest visitors.

tailor’s shop, engravings, shoe repairs, key service

ERMAN in the upper floor

We can alter your clothes and a whole lot more besides to suit your requirements.

Whether it’s lengthening, shortening, taking in and taking out your skirts, trousers, jackets, fur and leather products and bags – we can do this and a whole lot more. 

We also offer a drop-off point for textile cleaning and shoe repairs.

• Engravings
• Key service

Comfortable seating

You can relax in one of our comfortable seating areas.

Customer toilets

You can find free toilets and disabled toilets on the top floor.

Cash dispensers

You can find 2 Sparkasse cash dispensers (ground and first floor) and 1 cash dispenser of the Commerzbank on the ground floor here.

At the CITTI Markt
At the CITTI Markt cash desks you can now withdraw up to 200 € from your checking account with your EC/debit card without withdrawal fees.

At dm
You can withdraw money from your giro card at the dm cash-desks (min. 1 article, no shopping value). The maximum withdrawal is 200 €. 

Free buggy hire

Our service for parents of young children. Those who want to leave their own buggy at home can look forward to a new offer: A number of buggies are available immediately for visitors at the "Kinderhort" on the top floor.

This leaves more space for your shopping in the boot. Visitors to the CITTI-PARK can use this service free of charge (against a deposit) from Monday to Saturday between 10:00 and 06:00 pm.

Free E-scooter (+ wheelchair, rollator) hire

Mobility wherever you are. Whether your leg is in plaster, you have impaired mobility or have become frail – the CITTI-PARK wants to keep its visitors moving wherever they are.

An electric scooter (also a wheelchair and rollator) can be loaned out daily from 10:00 am to 6:00 pm at the „Kinderhort“ (top floor) and used in the centre.


 In case of emergency, defibrillators can be found in the CITTI-PARK

Free electric vehicle charging station

There are now four charging points for electric vehicles in the multi-storey car park „Baltic“ (West) on the ground floor!

(Type: „MENNEKES Ladesäule Premium S 22“ mit automatisierter Leistungsanpassung auf 11 KW (dreiphasig)

Charge your electric vehicle free of charge whilst you go shopping in CITTI-PARK. Fuel cards are available from the CITTI Markt information desk.

Opening hours
Mo. - Sa.: 
08:00 - 20:00 o’clock
Th. : 
08:00 - 22:00 o’clock

Free charging stations for smart phones and tablets

Across from „Rappelkiste“ (top floor) you can find a free charging station for smart phones and tablets.

Place your device into one of the six lockers (you assign the PIN), connect it to the appropriate charger cable (found inside the locker) and charge it for free.

Free Bicycle Repair Station

If you have a flat tyre or a problem with your gear-shift, you can find a free bicycle repair station in front of the CITTI-PARK.

The station is equipped with a set of common tools and an air pump, everyone can use it day and night.


You have the opportunity to log onto the Internet free of charge in the public areas in CITTI-PARK Lübeck (and in the CITTI Markt) with a Wi-Fi enabled notebook or smart phone.


Dogs on a leash are of course welcome in the CITTI-PARK Lübeck.

However, we would like to draw your attention to the fact that is it not permitted by law to take dogs into stores that sell food. The following applies in our centre:
SMYTHS Toys Superstores

Camper parking area

The free parking area for camper (30 slots) is at the opposite of the main entrance of the CITTI-PARK. We also have 5 parking slots for busses. You can park there during your shopping. The slots are asphalted and illuminated. We also offer: 

• free disposal station for grey and black water

• supply of fresh water (100 l cost 1,- Euro)

You can buy and exchange gas bottles at CITTI TANK.

Wohnmobil-Parkplatz mit Entsorgungsstation
Herrenholz 14, 23556 Lübeck

Hermes ParcelShop

The Hermes ParcelShop can be found at Fabric cleaning in the CITTI-PARK (first floor) or at the „CITTI TANK“.

Services offered:

• Sending parcels and packages
• Alternative delivery address (Shop2Shop)
• Pick up with authorization
• Mail order buying (delivery and return)

Opening hours
Mo. - Sa.: 
06:30 - 21:00 o’clock
Su. : 
10:00 - 20:00 o’clock


We offer lockers for your shopping trolleys and shopping bags at CITTI-PARK Lübeck so you can relax whilst you are shopping.

The lookers are located at the crossing from the parking area Baltic on the first floor and beneath the walkway on the ground floor next to Giovanni L. Express. 

Health Centre

You will find the UKSH Blutspendezentrum and the UKSH Gesundheitsforum on out top floor 2.


CITTI-PARK Lübeck is also taking care of the small visitors: Kids can play at the playground next to the main entrance and have fun at the sandpit.

One of the highlights are the two little trampolines and fall protection mats to make your playground experience safe and sound.

The playground ist open during our opening times. Have fun! 



The CITTI-PARK lives sustainability in form of green building, electric mobility and the recycling of paper. 

You can discover green microcosms on the roofs of the CITTI-PARK buildings, which give bees, birds, butterflies and lots of other insects a happy home. But the roof garden is more than a piece of nature in a city – it is also an ecological compensation, ties pollutants and reduces CO2. Moreover, green roofs provide a better thermal insulation in winter and a better heat shield in the summer. Therefore, a lot of energy is saved which would usually be needed for the heating and cooling down of the buildings.  

The new construction of the CITTI-PARK Lübeck were built sustainable, environmentally – friendly, user – friendly and with reduced maintenance and operating costs. Besides, the garbage, energy and water consumption is reduced, renewable resources and materials were used and the climate protection and economy is considered. The result is the „BREEAM” certificate (Building Research Establishment Environmental Assessment Method), which appreciates sustainable constructions and marked the CITTI-PARK Lübeck with a “very good“

But this is not all. In addition, the CITTI-PARK also supports electric mobility. In the parking garage “Baltic” at and the ground floor are two electric mobile charging stations. Four electric cars can be charged at the stations of type Mennekes Premium S22 with automatic performance adjustment to 11 KW. 

Besides electric mobility and green building our CITTI-PARK magazine is for example also based on recycled paper. It has the same quality, but saves energy and water.