The CITTI-PARK lives sustainability in form of green building, electric mobility and the recycling of paper. 

You can discover green microcosms on the roofs of the CITTI-PARK buildings, which give bees, birds, butterflies and lots of other insects a happy home. But the roof garden is more than a piece of nature in a city – it is also an ecological compensation, ties pollutants and reduces CO2. Moreover, green roofs provide a better thermal insulation in winter and a better heat shield in the summer. Therefore, a lot of energy is saved which would usually be needed for the heating and cooling down of the buildings.  

The new construction of the CITTI-PARK Lübeck were built sustainable, environmentally – friendly, user – friendly and with reduced maintenance and operating costs. Besides, the garbage, energy and water consumption is reduced, renewable resources and materials were used and the climate protection and economy is considered. The result is the „BREEAM” certificate (Building Research Establishment Environmental Assessment Method), which appreciates sustainable constructions and marked the CITTI-PARK Lübeck with a “very good“

But this is not all. In addition, the CITTI-PARK also supports electric mobility. In the parking garage “Baltic” at and the ground floor are two electric mobile charging stations. Four electric cars can be charged at the stations of type Mennekes Premium S22 with automatic performance adjustment to 11 KW. 

Besides electric mobility and green building our CITTI-PARK magazine is for example also based on recycled paper. It has the same quality, but saves energy and water.